Who we are

24 years of corporate ingenuity

  • 1996 Trivioquadrivio was born (half architects, half philosophers) to return unity to the western knowledge
  • 2003 the first LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified trainer came back from Billund - Trivioquadrivio is elected "Partner Of The Year 2005"
  • 2005 LEGO named us “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® partner of the year”, we are the the first in the world
  • 2008 the experience gained with lego allowed us to design and implement MAPPS®, a revolutionary organizational learning methodology that we took to Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, India, …
  • 2014 we took jugaad to Italy: the encounter with the culture of frugal innovation helped us to understand even better the value of collective ingenuity
  • 2015 we brought to italy the travelling exhibition WAVE - the 5 currents of collective ingenuity
  • 2016 to help some of the most important European multinationals to learn smart working we invented BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD®, which then became our first stand alone board game
  • 2019 HI!ACADEMY was born, the academy of ingenuity that collects the legacy of Trivioquadrivio and relaunches it on an international scale

School of ingenuity

HI!ACADEMY is the research and learning platform designed for those working in the world of consulting and management training. Its mission is to be a point of reference in Italy for professional updating, offering skills and effective tools for all organizational development needs. Its activity includes research, dissemination and training, with a monthly calendar of events and courses.

Who it is for

HI!ACADEMY directs its activities to anyone who, for various reasons, is interested in making their professionalism - and consequently supply - more solid, effective and innovative, aimed at consulting and managerial training. It is therefore aimed at freelancers and consulting companies, as well as representatives of HR departments and corporate universities. Since organizational and managerial development cannot be reduced to the business context in the strict sense of the term, HI!ACADEMY also speaks to individuals belonging to institutions of various kinds (public sector, education, non-profit, and so on).


In the world of work, "high tech" has been spoken of for decades as a lever for organizational development. We believe that high technology is worthless if not supported by "high ingenuity", i.e. the high ingenuity of people that represents the real engine of organizational development. That's why we call ourselves HI! (high ingenuity) ACADEMY and we support anyone who wants to acquire skills and tools that amplify personal ingenuity, meant as the engine for the development of the collective ingenuity of organizations.



HI!ACADEMY benefits from the contribution of some particularly ingenious people who make their experience available to expand the academy's educational offer and to strengthen its research.
Leonardo Previ

Leonardo PreviMilano

Dario Villa

Dario VillaMilano

Enrico Marra

Enrico MarraMilano

Anirban Bhattacharia

Anirban BhattachariaBengaluru

Paola Pontarollo

Paola PontarolloMilano

Pere Juarez Vives

Pere Juarez VivesBarcelona

Claudio Moderini

Claudio ModeriniMilano

Lucia Dal Negro

Lucia Dal NegroMilano


The University of Barcelona is the most formidable public institution of higher education in Catalonia, able to meet the needs of the largest number of students and to offer the widest and most complete range of higher education courses. The work of the research groups is supervised by UB's research centres and institutes, which collaborate with the main research institutes and networks in Spain and abroad. UB is also home to three major research foundations: the Science Park of Barcelona (PCB), which houses the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB) and the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC); the Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) and the Institute of Biomedical Research Bellvitge (IDIBELL).
Building Talents is the launch program of this collaboration that involves the dissemination of innovative tools aimed at the development of a culture of Agile Management and the creation of an Urban Ecosystem Market.
ubqt ubqt
UBQT is the Design and Innovation School where people learn emotional intelligence and take part in design thinking activities. Design thinking is a formalized practice that solves human needs in the most holistic way possible, taking into account all criteria of success. To know the real problem, we must keep “human needs at the centre” and add empathy, be ready to experiment, collaborate with others and develop innovative solutions. UBQT helps to develop a sense of value for design and place it at the center of the organization. Through their courses, a culture of empathy is developed: observing, listening and understanding both customers and users, colleagues and shareholders.
The Painted Sky is a Bangalore-based People Development organization, focusing on various high-end, differentiated Behavioral and Skill development where Arts-Based approaches are used to develop leadership quotient. The organisation's aim is to foster unique and exciting processes and simulations to help leaders and managers overcome inhibitions, build creative confidence, and experience situations that lead to introspection and discovery (about the self as well as the environment).

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