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MAPPS® is a methodology of organizational development that supports business by facilitating the sharing of objectives and effective decision making through the construction of a roadmap and an individual and collective action plan.


Through the use of geographical mataphor MAPPS® transforms business challenges into a roadmap that directs organizational action, generating a recognizable impact on alignment to objectives, decision-making autonomy and the achievment of results.

Facilitator training

Whoever addresses


The training offered by HI!ACADEMY is aimed at those who wish to become a facilitator and take possession of the theoretical and practical tools to be autonomous in the supervision of the methodology. No specific prerequisites are required, if not the interest in facilitation and innovative tools for organizational change.

How it works


The training session lasts for two days and aims at taking ownership of the methodological prerequisites and facilitation tools needed to design and conduct a MAPPS® workshop. In addition to the practical experience of a workshop, the consultation aspects related to the intervention of the facilitation will be discussed in depth.

Training courses


The next edition of the training course to become a facilitator is scheduled in Milan on 27-28 April 2020. To receive more information on facilitator training and to be updated on the next editions of the courses:

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A compass for orientation in complexity

An orientation tool for the organization

MAPPS® supports organizations and working groups through the collective construction of an organizational compass that updates and restores the reference system necessary to guide everyone's actions towards strategic objectives.

Rendering the organization using a map

The metaphorical approach of MAPPS® methodology allows to address the dynamics and themes of organizational development in the form of a visual language that promotes the understanding of the organizational scenario, the sharing of objectives and the comparison of points of view.

A roadmap for achieving results

Reasoning in terms of routing improves the concreteness of planning. By identifying the stages, priorities and tools needed to complete the established route, actions can be taken with coherent and effective actions.

A tool to verify the achievement of resuts

Having a roadmap means relying on a shared route and a results monitoring tool that allows corrections and updates along the way.

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