What is ingenuity

Intelligence + Creativity

Ingenuity is the hybrid product of a fruitful equation: intelligence + creativity = ingenuity. This equation is possible by thinking of intelligences in the plural (with reference to Howard Gardner's thought) and creativity as a "bisociation" between different fields (as theorized by Arthur Koestler). Ingenuity, especially when it becomes collective, is the most precious resource at the service of organizations for their profitable development. At the same time, it represents the most effective response to the demands of a global socio-economic context ever so complex, interconnected and rapidly changing.

Become ingenuous

Becoming ingenious and acquiring skills and tools to enable the ingenuity of organizations is a process that involves a logic of path and a constant attention to updating. Trivioquadrivio has been working on these issues since 1996 and today makes its knowledge available, through HI!ACADEMY, in the form of an academic offer characterized by a precise didactic logic oriented to the development of ingenuity. HI!ACADEMY therefore aims to transfer to its students not so much and not only vertical content, but a recognizable path of "permanent apprenticeship" aimed at ingenuity.

Anyone who approaches a didactic content offered by HI!ACADEMY automatically starts their academic journey aimed at the development of ingenuity. Since the course does not have compulsory entry points, predefined study plans or diplomas that "conclude" the training (as it is by definition permanent), HI!ACADEMY offers a recognizable, gradual academic development logic characterised by the possibility of constructing personalised trajectories according to the needs of each learner.

Levels of ingenuity

Each didactic content offered by HI!ACADEMY corresponds to a precise character of ingenuity, in turn associated with a certain number of "points" of ingenuity, whose accumulation allows you to define the development of your academic plan, crossing four levels. The recognition of belonging to each of these levels is subject to the positive outcome of an assessment made by HI!ACADEMY on the learner's knowledge. Each level corresponds to a specific recognizable knowledge, formalized here in the form of "points":
  • 0-25 points - candidate: every human being possesses a natural wealth of individual ingenuity that can be stimulated
  • 26-50 points - novice: has started their own path towards the enhancement of ingenuity and know the basics of it
  • 51-100 points - practitioner: has acquired the founding principles that allow to qualify the ingenuity and practice at least one specific declination (acquired in a special course)
  • 101-200 points - veteran: has adopted the principles of ingenuity, incorporating them into his professional activity. He practices at least two specific declensions of ingenuity
  • 201+ points - teacher: has collected a significant number of case studies related to the habilitation and development of ingenuity and practices several specific declinations of ingenuity, applying as a potential contributor to the research developments of HI!ACADEMY

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