The Impact of Ingenuity


The educational offer of HI!ACADEMY develops the ingenious skills essential to generate an impact on the contemporary economic scenario: ENABLING, ANTICIPATING and LISTENING.

To provide an appropriate response to the increasing impact of complexity on professional activities, a new level of individual and collective ingenuity needs to be developed.

HI!ACADEMY was born for this purpose, to offer people, organizations and the community tools, techniques, methodologies and knowledge to increase the ingenuity of those who attend the school.

More ingenuity means more ability: an ingenious person enables the talents they are surrounded by, anticipates the needs of the organization, listens more carefully and acts more effectively.

Ingenuity has a positive impact on the professional performance of the individual, on the income statement of the company, on the resilience of the community.

In order to measure these impacts, HI!ACADEMY has developed a strategic collaboration agreement with Open Impact, the data-driven platform of the University of Tor Vergata, which supports impact assessments in different organizational areas.

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