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HI!ACADEMY activity includes the production and on-going offer (with an annual calendar) of various types of content, the use of which allows you to develop your academic career. The contents are declined in:
  • Tests and public papers;
  • On paper and digital publications;
  • Divulgation and demonstrative events;
  • Products that convey approaches and knowledge;
  • Classroom courses (from 0.5 to 3 days), organized according to the acquisition of:
    • Skills of ingenuity: courses oriented to individual development that allow the acquisition of an open, muldisciplinary and dynamic mindset;
    • Ingenuity tools: courses that enable facilitation through specific methodologies.
ContentCharacter of ingenuityIngenuity pointsDuration (if applicable)
testi e paper Tests and papers      
Ingenuity manifesto Basic literacy 1  
book 24px Publications      
Manuale illustrato di incompetenza manageriale Thematic introduction 3  
Trading Fours Thematic introduction 3  
Cosa ho imparato oggi? Thematic introduction 3  
Lego Story Thematic introduction 3  
eventi Events      
LEGO EXPRESS Experimentation 4 0,5 days
OPEN SESSION MAPPS® Experimentation 4 0,5 days
BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD OVERVIEW Experimentation 4 0,5 days
competenze Courses | CLASSROOM      
Continuous learning Permanent apprenticeship 25 1 day
Backpacracy Be backpacker 25 1 day
Frugal innovation Do more with less 25 1 day
The art of presentation Represent content 25 2 days
competenze Courses | ONLINE      
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - advanced design Think with your hands 8 2 hours
Managerial culture as you've never seen it Managerial thinking 8 2 hours
A roadmap to achieve obectives Organizational orientation 8 2 hours
Strumenti Courses | TOOLS      
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® TTT Think with your hands 60 3 days
MAPPS® TTT Organizational orientation 60 2 days
BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® - BASIC KIT Enable the change 20  
BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® - THEMATIC SETS Enable the change (vertical declination) 10  

Ingenuity manifesto

Ingenuity means amalgam, mixing. What is at stake in ingenuity is the dynamic convergence of different elements, the mixing of which is never definitive or static, and is mostly achieved temporarily, giving rise to changeable and poorly foreshadowed forms. These forms are the most suitable for complex systems - they are therefore the most suitable forms for our present. Click here to read the manifesto.

Manuale illustrato di incompetenza manageriale

The guiding principle of any modern organisation is the division of labour. Wherever work is organised, we find this principle in action, in more or less exasperated forms. The results that the division of labour has achieved are evident and largely encouraging. Less attention has been paid to the undesirable consequences that the division of labour has generated and continues to generate. In the illustrated manual of managerial incompetence, the author takes a close look at these consequences, explains what they are and offers some suggestions for preventing or getting rid of them.

Trading Fours

Trading fours is a frontier book that offers to all those who are looking for new, more effective interpretations of managerial and entrepreneurial practices a non-trivial evidence: the value of in-betweenness. The authors of this book speak two different languages, belong to two different cultures, love mestizo music and have devoted part of their professional activity to the exploration of an uncertain and ambiguous link - that between jazz and business. In these pages, Gold and Villa show that the frontier offers a substantial compensation to those who do not miss it: the exchange.

Cosa ho imparato oggi?

Learning is both an end and an instrument of our development. And because we are marked by a constitutive immaturity, "the age of learning" does not coincide with youth or worse with schooling or joining the company, but with our whole life. Those who stop, those who think they know, that they are experts and do not need to learn anything else, are subverting their human nature. The “Cosa ho imparato oggi?” (What did I learn today?) in the title refers to an experiment undertaken to try to show how learning new things every day is fundamental to work with passion, affirming our nature as eternal multidisciplinary apprentices.

LEGO Story

Who among us hasn't played with LEGO bricks? Yet there are very few who know the story: it is a fascinating and in many ways unique story. However, LEGO bricks are not only of interest to children. You can learn by playing. LEGO Serious Play teaches it, a methodology of organizational development born in the research departments of IMD in Lausanne and landed in management training rooms around the world: in the hands of managers the bricks become a tool to accelerate internal communication and decision-making processes. And the results can be seen.


LSP EXPRESS is the format by HI!ACADEMY fast, quick, useful for everyone who wants to approach the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology. It offers the possibility to participate free of charge in the scheduled sessions to discover the fundamentals and main features of the methodology. Participation in the event, lasting half a day, does not make it possible to design and deliver LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops. Click here to learn more.


The free Open Session allows participants to immerse themselves in the method and discover the potential of MAPPS®, a methodology designed and developed by Trivioquadrivio that uses the images and language of geography to represent the challenges of the organization in terms of a travel itinerary to plan and interpret with colleagues. Participation in the event, which lasts half a day, does not make it possible to design and deliver MAPPS® workshops. Click here to learn more.


Every type of organizational change necessarily impacts on the following areas: habits and culture, activity management, communication dynamics, roles and collaboration, personal motivation. These areas represent the basis of BCB's work and correspond to the five areas that make up the methodology's workboard, inspired by the "board game" metaphor. The areas become the discussion ground in which to place the critical issues and levers that have to do with change. Click here to learn more.

Continuous learning

Being an apprentice for an indefinite period of time is the cornerstone of any personal path of feeding ingenuity: only by honoring our "neotenic" nature (which links the tension to learn to remain biologically always a little immature) can we succeed in developing the attitude to continuous transformation and questioning proper to the ingenious nature. For this reason, the didactic schedule of HI!ACADEMY could not miss a course explicitly dedicated to continuous learning. Characterized by a completely unorthodox approach and at the same time strong of multiple applications in the business environment, the course offers an unforgettable day full of stimuli, provocations and practical tools essential for anyone who wants to take seriously their vocation to continuous learning. Click here to learn more.


Backpacracy is an emerging phenomenon that offers a constructive response to the transformations of our time. It opposes bureaucracy, which is the destructive response offered by those who are afraid of change. At the heart of the backpacracy is the backpacker, a person who is able to close in his backpack what he needs to face every experience: the profound changes in the world of work, the uncertainties of the economy, the radical transformations that the digital revolution is imposing on every aspect of our civilization. There is an urgent need to configure a new toolbox, more attentive to the phenomena that unexpectedly emerge from the apparently more chaotic areas. The course offers participants a stimulus on three different levels: inspiration, how can I contribute to the unbureaucracy of the offices in which I operate?; training: how can I streamline the procedures in which I am involved?; action plan: what are the behaviors I will have to adopt to make my unit more backpacker? Click here to learn more.

Frugal innovation

The Indian noun "Frugal" stands for a fundamental organizational competence in this historical moment: the art of doing without, the ingenious ability to obtain more than satisfactory results even without the necessary resources: to know how to inhabit complexity reasoning from a systemic point of view, to be able to look more consciously at one's own context and knowing how to adapt to conditions, developing a proactive and ingenious attitude. Click here to learn more.

The art of presentation

Every good HI!ACADEMY practitioner must know how to dress their contents in an ingenious dress at least as much as the ideas at their core. The presentation design course responds to this need with an intensive two-day programme. On the first day, participants will have the opportunity to develop their ability to present in a visually effective way starting from the correct interpretation of the content, passing through the acquisition of elements of storytelling, visual grammar, metaphorical inspiration and arriving at reinterpreting everyday digital presentation tools in a new and original way. On the second day each participant will carry out presentation exercises that will be analyzed and debriefed in plenary. Click here to learn more.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - advanced design

Designed for those who have already acquired skills as a Lego Serious Play facilitator, the course addresses those aspects of the methodology that allows each facilitator to move from "beginner" to "expert". Each chapter of the course is developed through a visual schematization built by the teacher and followed by each learner, enriched with practical examples of what to do/not to do.

Managerial culture as you've never seen it

An on-line course dedicated to managerial culture to tell how we got here (the labor-intensive enterprise), where we are (the knowledge-intensive enterprise) and where we are heading (the impact-driven enterprise). The course allows to better understand the value of the new key words of the managerial culture (enabling leadership, active listening, frugal innovation, impact-holder, emerging organization, etc.) as they represent their effects on the organization.

A roadmap to achieve objectives

An online course dedicated to the development of planning capacity to transform business challenges into a roadmap that can increase the effectiveness of organizational action. The course illustrates how to use the geographical metaphor to represent the objectives in terms of a map and define an action plan that facilitates the achievement of results.


The training activity at LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, the methodology that leads to build with your own hands three-dimensional models of the theme at stake, whether strategic, operational or relational. The offer of HI!ACADEMY is aimed at those who want to become a facilitator and take possession of theoretical and practical tools to be autonomous in the supervision of the methodology. No specific prerequisite is required, except the interest in facilitation and LEGO bricks. The training session has a duration of three full time days. Click here to learn more.


The training activity for the new MAPPS® methodology, the tool that supports organizations and working groups through the collective construction of an organizational compass that updates and restores the reference system necessary to guide everyone's actions in the direction of strategic objectives. MAPPS® is a methodology that facilitates the sharing of objectives and effective decision-making through the creation of a roadmap and an individual and collective action plan. The training session has a duration of two full time days. Click here to learn more.


The activities carried out with BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® have led to the definition of a basic set composed of criticalities and positive levers that apply to all kinds of contexts of change. For each of the criticalities proposed by BCB, the working group has to ask itself: is this a problem for us? On the contrary, the levers represent the organisational tools that can support change. As a response to the difficulties discussed above, the group identifies for each lever the business environment in which it can act most successfully. Finally, the work culminates with the definition of an action plan made up of behaviours and initiatives to be implemented immediately. Click here to learn more.


The first ad hoc thematic sets are available, addressed to the themes of smart and flexible work, new workspaces, digital transformation and paperless, themes that we have developed according to the needs of our organizational clients. However, the design and development dimension of BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® is, like any other methodology offered by HI!ACADEMY, open and evolving. For this reason we foresee a future development of thematic sets of papers that will respond to the new needs for change emerging from today's dynamic business scenario and the future. Click here to learn more.

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