Ingenuity skills

The didactic proposal of HI!ACADEMY took shape around specific facilitation methodologies characterized by a strong metaphorical impact and by a physical and "low-tech" component (maps, maps and boards, lego bricks) that represents a "condensate" of ingenuity in concrete tools.

Alongside this offer HI!ACADEMY now presents training courses designed to develop the skills that are essential for an authentic and coherent interpretation of ingenuity. These competencies keep together individual attitude, attention to the context, communication and relationship.

Attending these courses means giving your ingenuity the opportunity to develop in an organic way, adding skills that strengthen in general terms the professional posture and make the use of tools already learned through HI!ACADEMY more punctual and effective.

The first courses proposed by HI!ACADEMY are illustrated by the following scheme:


Draw lines, define patterns, highlight words, explore connections: representing means understanding. To make organizational abstractions your own, you should be able to grasp them by the hands and, once again, HI!ACADEMY helps you to do so. Hands on it is a new format of a distance learning course, a video lesson during which the teacher's fingers move, at first, on an empty surface, while his voice accompanies the first traits that become increasingly dense and interrelated, until an entire sheet of paper comes to life before the eyes of the learner, which reveals the meanings in detail and makes them fully practicable. On the other side of the screen, the learner in turn uses his or her hands to reproduce on another page what he or she understands, co-generating with the teacher a distinctive, immediately practicable and profound knowledge..

Active courses:
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - advanced design
  • The managerial culture as you've never seen it
  • A roadmap to achieve the objectives



Continuous learning

Being an apprentice for an indefinite period of time is the cornerstone of any personal path of feeding ingenuity: only by honoring our "neotenic" nature (which links the tension to learn to remain biologically always a little immature) can we can succeed in developing the attitude to continuous transformation and questioning proper to the ingenious nature. For this reason, the didactic schedule of HI!ACADEMY could not miss a course explicitly dedicated to continuous learning. Characterized by a completely unorthodox approach and at the same time strong of multiple applications in the business environment, the course offers an unforgettable day full of stimuli, provocations and practical tools essential for anyone who wants to take seriously their vocation to continuous learning.



Backpacracy is an emerging phenomenon that offers a constructive response to the transformations of our time. It opposes bureaucracy, which is the destructive response offered by those who are afraid of change. At the heart of the backpacracy is the backpacker, a person who is able to close in his backpack what he needs to face every experience: the profound changes in the world of work, the uncertainties of the economy, the radical transformations that the digital revolution is imposing on every aspect of our civilization. There is an urgent need to configure a new toolbox, more attentive to the phenomena that unexpectedly emerge from the apparently more chaotic areas. The course offers participants a stimulus on three different levels: inspiration, how can I contribute to the unbureaucracy of the offices in which I operate?; training: how can I streamline the procedures in which I am involved?; action plan: what are the behaviors I will have to adopt to make my unit more backpacker?



Frugal innovation

The Indian noun "Frugal" stands for a fundamental organizational competence in this historical moment: the art of doing without, the ingenious ability to obtain more than satisfactory results even without the necessary resources: to know how to inhabit complexity reasoning from a systemic point of view, to be able to look more consciously at one's own context and knowing how to adapt to conditions, developing a proactive and ingenious attitude.



The art of presentation

Every good HI!ACADEMY practitioner must know how to dress their contents in an ingenious dress at least as much as the ideas at their core. The presentation design course responds to this need with an intensive two-day programme. On the first day, participants will have the opportunity to develop their ability to present in a visually effective way starting from the correct interpretation of the content, passing through the acquisition of elements of storytelling, visual grammar, metaphorical inspiration and arriving at reinterpreting everyday digital presentation tools in a new and original way. On the second day each participant will carry out presentation exercises that will be analyzed and debriefed in plenary.

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