Offer for Companies


Five decades of experience gained by Trivioquadrivio in the Italian and international context today provide HI!ACADEMY with a distinctive ability to understand and anticipate market needs, a "distillate" of ingenuity that we have poured into the methodologies and courses of HI!ACADEMY.

The process consultation that HI!ACADEMY develops at companies makes it possible to intercept the needs of the organization and translate them into timely or long-term interventions, aimed at the whole organization or parts of it, whose usefulness can always be assessed in terms of qualitative and quantitative KPIs.

The perceived impact for the company is measured in terms of:

  • capitalization of the human capital asset, with particular attention to the dynamics of leadership, followership and collaboration;
  • measurable effectiveness in terms of productivity of facilitation and training initiatives;
  • Integration and commitment;
  • acquisition of innovative status in initiatives aimed at internal development;
  • repositioning in the reference market and external attractiveness with regard to well-being parameters.

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