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What is

BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® is a tool for activating and facilitating conversations related to change processes. It can be used at any organizational level, involving small working groups as well as the entire organization. Through the discussion and negotiation of the meanings to be attributed to the different aspects of change in progress, BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® generates awareness and proactivity on an individual and collective level.


BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® was created to produce a specific impact: to cancel the typical resistance to change of the initial phases of change management processes. By involving attendees in a punctual and at the same time playful way, facilitation with BCB promotes critical thinking and immediately makes attendees positive actors of the expected organizational change.

Fields of application

Set of cards available

The activities carried out with BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® have led to the definition of a basic set composed of criticalities and positive levers that apply to any kind of context of change. In addition, we have developed ad hoc thematic sets addressed to the themes of smart and flexible work, new workspaces, digital transformation and paperless, themes that we have developed according to the needs of our organizational clients.

Elaboration of new sets

The design and development dimension of BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® is, like any other methodology offered by HI!ACADEMY, open and evolving. For this reason, we anticipate a future development of thematic sets of cards that will respond to the new needs for change emerging from today's dynamic business scenario and the future and we will involve HI!ACADEMY's partners in the definition of specific themes and sets.

How does it works



Every type of organizational change necessarily impacts on the following areas: habits and culture, activity management, communication dynamics, roles and collaboration, personal motivation. These areas represent the basis of BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD®'s work and correspond to the five areas that make up the methodology's workboard, inspired by the "board game" metaphor. The areas become the ground for discussion on which to place the critical issues and levers that deal with change.

Activity flow


The process of understanding and appropriation of change starts from an analysis of the "bellyaches" perceived by the organizational population. For each of the criticalities proposed by the BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD®, the working group must ask itself: is this a problem for us? On the contrary, the levers represent the organizational tools that can support change. As a response to the difficulties previously discussed, the group identifies for each leverage the business environment on which it can act most successfully. Finally, the work culminates with the definition of an action plan made up of behaviors and initiatives to be implemented immediately.



A workshop managed with the BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® methodology naturally generates the opportunity for follow-up focused on the verification of commitments made and the re-reading of the context of change after a reasonable time. The single BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® workshop always includes a conclusion and debrief phase oriented to the construction of action plans on an individual and collective basis that allow to direct the continuation of the classroom activity in multiple directions.

The new BUSINESS CHANGE BOARD® kit will be available from April 2020. Want to know more?

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