The more knowledge we gain, the greater the ignorance we generate.

Since knowledge comes before ignorance, the backpacker distinguishes himself from the bureaucrat, because he is always aware of his own ignorance: he trusts questions more than answers. Unlike the bureaucrat, the backpacker does not focus on what he knows, but on what he ignores. Like scientists, he does nothing but look, and in this research he produces value.

In the backpack there are only raw materials, never finished products: the skills of the backpacker are always in beta version. In the beautiful book that Stuart Firestein dedicates to ignorance, there is a precious illustration of a trait of the zainocratic personality that unites cultural nomadism and science: like the researcher, the backpacker finds himself in a constant state of "uncertainty without irritability".

The only subject of which the backpacker can declare himself an expert is agnotology or the science of ignorance. This science is based on not knowing, a power in turn rooted in the most extensive resource, infinitely greater than all the resources available to knowledge.

From: "Zainocrazia", L.Previ, 2018

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