The backpacker doesn't believe that trust is something to be created, he thinks it's better to talk about exchange. Trust is something that is exchanged through meetings, relationships, clashes. We have no experience of trust being created unilaterally. We can only speak of trust if we think about what "happens between" and therefore it is neither on one side nor the other: it is in the middle.

This is precisely what distinguishes trust from faith, because the latter does not need a relationship to be nurtured. While we can speak of "blind faith", there is no point in referring to "blind trust" except in cases where we intend to abandon the relationship to abandon ourselves to symbiosis (that thing that happens when you are so in love that you would like to become the person you are in love with).

The backpacker encourages the circulation of trust, because they know that trust is an intangible good that is crucial for community cohesion. As such, it cannot be reduced to any material element (treaty, agreement, contract or similar). Trust is always at risk because it is based on ineffable dynamics, impossible to fully control and exposed to the constant risk of misunderstanding.

Therefore, those who wish to protect trust should first of all maintain an attitude of vigilant openness. Openness, because it is always necessary to assume that the other deserves our trust and therefore to offer our own; vigilant because we must not take for granted that the other person understands our good intentions.

From: "Zainocrazia", L.Previ, 2018

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