When it comes to business, things get serious, in other words, very concrete and not very imaginative. The apostrophe that instantly reaches the businessman inclined to a particularly creative imagination is invariable: <<Don't be a child!>>

There is a trace of deep-rooted wisdom in this exclamation: children do just that, they are really capable of imaginative impulses that lead improvised communities of players in territories inaccessible even to the best planners of products for children's entertainment. But because of the school path we have all followed, memory has been lost of the indissoluble bond that holds imagination and concreteness together.

In order to imagine anything, children must first build it. Childish play - not very different from adult play - is a practice in which abstraction is of marginal importance and in any case completely subordinate to the preponderance of doing.

In order to understand what the effectiveness of a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop is based on, it is necessary to start from this overturning of behavioural practice, a change of perspective that lies at the basis of the methodology and that constitutes its inspiring principle: the difficulties that the world continually poses to us can be faced with greater resolve and overcome more effectively if the theory comes after experience.

From: LEGO Story, M.Lindholm, F.Stokholm and L.Previ, 2012

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