The complexity of the competitive scenarios has made classic organisational models useless and denied management culture the more traditional tools of governance. Without adequate references, organisational action becomes ineffective and, together with the route, commitment, determination and, above all, willingness to take responsibility are instantly lost.

So we have developed a tool to design, share and implement change plans by transforming strategy into the very object of the work of each employee of the organization. An organizational device that would renew the co-partnership of project and execution, facilitating the expression and integration of individual contributions to the achievement of collective objectives. A map seemed to us the best metaphor for the orientation tools needed by managers and collaborators to anchor their activities to the strategic objectives of the organization they work for. Thus a methodology of organizational development was born that exploits geographical metaphors and our innate predisposition to exploration to transform the challenges of change into a travel itinerary.

By working simultaneously on three different levels of the organization, MAPPS® ensures the coordination of individual requests and perspectives with the strategic intentions of the company. The application of the methodology offers people the means to understand where to go and how to get there, provides groups with a platform for constructive exchange and collaboration, offers the organization the tools to guide everyone's actions in the direction of the change required by the market, reducing the dispersion of energy caused by disorderly behaviour.

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