Half of 8 is 3

Do you remember that story, where they tell about a city boy who, during his holidays in the country, knows another boy? They talk, play, have a lot of fun together, and then, at the end of the summer, they have to separate, of course. The city boy returns to the city, but promises the country boy to teach him mathematics, and the boy says: "Very well, write me how it works".

When the game gets serious, the businessmen start playing

When it comes to business, things get serious, in other words, very concrete and not very imaginative. The apostrophe that instantly reaches the businessman inclined to a particularly creative imagination is invariable: <<Don't be a child!>>

Agnotology, the science of the backpacker
Cartography for organizational orientation

The complexity of the competitive scenarios has made classic organisational models useless and denied management culture the more traditional tools of governance. Without adequate references, organisational action becomes ineffective and, together with the route, commitment, determination and, above all, willingness to take responsibility are instantly lost.

Trust is not created, it is exchanged

The backpacker doesn't believe that trust is something to be created, he thinks it's better to talk about exchange. Trust is something that is exchanged through meetings, relationships, clashes. We have no experience of trust being created unilaterally. We can only speak of trust if we think about what "happens between" and therefore it is neither on one side nor the other: it is in the middle.

General Electric produces a wonderful incubator. It is as big as a room, full of very refined electronic gadgets and it is very advanced in terms of technology. It looks like the materialization of the shining dreams of the paladins of the digital revolution.

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